Unbox & Place Your SoundBed

Christopher Schenk
Christopher Schenk
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Congrats on receiving your Opus SoundBed, we can’t wait for you to experience your SoundBed for the first time!

Unboxing and placing your SoundBed is simple and easy. The SoundBed Box has two convenient handles on either side to make it easy to carry, use caution when carrying upstairs.

*Important: As with any heavier object be sure to lift with your legs and not your back to ensure your safety. We recommend having a second person to assist you in carrying your packaged SoundBed to its final location in your home.

First locate the ideal space in your space for SoundBed, remember that SoundBed easily folds into a lovely 24in x 24in x 24in shape that is designed to be the perfect artistic complement to any room in your space when not in use. You will also need to place your SoundBed within three feet of a 120v outlet.

For smaller spaces we recommend measuring your space prior to placement:

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 11.08.43 AM.png

Place your boxed SoundBed near its final resting location.

Opening The Box

Unpack your SoundBed in four easy steps:

Each step is conveniently numbered on the box itself for visual reference.

First remove the plastic anchoring straps on your SoundBed box carefully with scissors or a blade (if any). Next open the lid of the box by removing the cardboard fasteners.


Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 11.00.43 AM.png

Then pull the front face of the box towards you so that it gently falls to the ground.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 11.00.52 AM.png

Afterwards pull out the side panels of the box and push the rear face of the box away from you, at this point all sides of the box should unfold, lying gently on the ground.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 11.01.01 AM.png

Finally lift up and remove the cardboard insert from the top of your SoundBed.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 11.01.09 AM.png

You will see that your SoundBed is nestled inside of its protective cover, loosen the drawstrings that enclose the SoundBed to reveal it and gently slide the cover to the base of the SoundBed.


Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 11.01.21 AM.png 

Remove the plastic that covers the SoundBed (if any).

*Important: Don’t forget to save your SoundBed box for future transport or support needs!

Placing Your SoundBed

You’ll notice that SoundBed has two storage compartments at either end. Pressing the small circular button on either storage compartment to open one of the compartments.

One compartment contains the 120v power port, when closed this is where your feet will rest when using SoundBed (feet position - bottom). The other compartment contains a headphone jack, this is where your head will rest when in use. (head position - top)

Gently flip the folded SoundBed onto the mattress side, such that the fabric is in contact with the ground. Orient your SoundBed such that the top of the SoundBed is positioned where you’d like your head to rest when it’s in use.


Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 11.01.30 AM.png

Roll the SoundBed into the center point of where you desire to unfold it.

Unsnap the clasp that binds the ends of your SoundBed together, slowly unfurl it on its side prism by prism.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 11.01.40 AM.png

Gently flip it into its resting position. Make any final adjustments by grasping the head or foot prism and maneuvering into its final location.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 11.01.49 AM.png

Locate the power chord, nested inside a small cardboard package inside your SoundBed box. Remove it and firmly plug it into the bottom compartment of your SoundBed, then into the 120v outlet near your SoundBed.

Important Note: This will automatically power on your SoundBed!

Locate your wired headphones (not included) and firmly plug them into the headphone port inside the top compartment.

Alright! SoundBed is set up nicely in your physical space and now its time to:


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