Locating Your Included Headphones

Christopher Schenk
Christopher Schenk
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Early SoundBed orders ship with a pair of headphones meant to maximize your OPUS experience.

If they are not in the box upon opening then they are located INSIDE of one of your TWO SoundBed storage compartments!


If you take a look at either end of your SoundBed, near where the ends snap together when folded you'll see a button right next to the clasp.

Press this button to open either of the two identical storage compartments on either end of your SoundBed.


Inside you'll find your headphones waiting for you!



Inside this compartment is also where you will soon plug in your headphones to connect them to your SoundBed!


If you still can't locate your headphones or need additional support please don't hesitate to reach out to support by emailing us here!