Is Ambient SoundBed Noise/Vibration A Disturbance?

Christopher Schenk
Christopher Schenk
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At a low setting, the SoundBed's vibrations are fairly inaudible in the room and the translation through walls or the floor is minimal.

At a high setting, SoundBed's vibrations are audible in the room and can be translated through the floor. In a room with ambient sound like an air conditioner running, music playing, or talking, the low frequencies are noticeable but not necessarily disruptive, even at a higher setting.

Generally the ambient noise depends on two main factors:

1) Acoustics In The Room

2) Floor Material

The greatest potential for disturbance is through wood floors. Depending on the frequencies being played, at a high setting a low rumbling could potentially be heard by downstairs neighbors. With concrete floors, this is generally a non-issue.

Placing SoundBed on a rubberized mat will dampen this effect considerably if not eliminate it. We are in the process of developing a mat accessory that is optimized for dampening purposes.

In the meantime, there are a variety of options on Amazon such as THIS.

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