My Sessions Aren't Playing: Resolve WiFi Connection Issues & Errors

Christopher Schenk
Christopher Schenk
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If you are having any issues related to connecting to WiFi within the OPUS Connect App on your playback device or are experiencing a “WiFi Connection Failed” or "Could Not Play Session" error this article overviews the possible troubleshooting steps.


Step 1: Ensure WiFi & Bluetooth Are Enabled

Verify that both WiFi and Bluetooth functionalities are active on your playback device (smartphone, tablet, etc). This is crucial because the OPUS Connect App relies on the connections to function properly.


How to Enable WiFi for iOS Devices

How to Enable Bluetooth for iOS Devices


How to Enable WiFi for Android Devices

How to Enable Bluetooth for Android Devices


Step 2: Reset Your Playback Device & SoundBed

If you are still experiencing issues after Step 1, please reset both your playback device and the Soundbed. The Soundbed can be reset by unplugging it, waiting one minute and plugging it back in. This will help resolve any temporary issues related to the connection between the two devices.


Step 3: Ensure There Are No Issues With Your Home Network

Check your home network for any connectivity problems by ensuring that other devices on your network can access the internet.

One way to validate that it is your network that is causing the issue is to use your smartphone as a hotspot, which will create a known compatible network for SoundBed to connect to.

Here are instructions on how to easily create a personal hotspot using your iOS device or via your Android device.

  1. If available, turn on the option for “maximize compatibility” in your hotspot settings.
  2. Reopen the OPUS Connect App and try connecting to your SoundBed.
  3.  On the SoundBed’s connection screen, connect to the hotspot instead your home WiFi network.
  4. Play a session that you have never played before.
  5. If the session plays, it is an issue with the wifi connection. 
  6. If the session still doesn’t play, then that indicates another software or hardware issue.

If you connect to your hotspot and the session plays successfully then the connection issue with SoundBed has isolated your home network as the cause of the issue.

If it does not resolve the issue please reach out to OPUS support via

The following steps help further diagnose issues with your home network.


Step 4: Move SoundBed Closer To Your Router

Relocate your SoundBed closer (within 50ft) of your WiFi router. The proximity to it can significantly improve the strength and stability of your WiFi connection.


Step 5: Move Playback Device Closer To SoundBed

Bring your playback device closer to the SoundBed (within 33ft), which can enhance the Bluetooth connection ensuring a more effective connection.


Step 6: Ensure You Are Not Using A 5G Network

Your SoundBed does not use 5G networks and is only compatible with 2.4G networks and in rare cases some newer routers only have 5G networks available which can prevent SoundBed from connecting successfully.

You can check by following these steps to see which network type your router uses, if you discover that you do have only a 5G network, please reach out to OPUS support via for further assistance.


Step 7: Post Resolution: Update Your SoundBed Firmware

After you have successfully connected your SoundBed to your network, update it’s firmware to ensure the maximum security, reliability, performance and feature availability of SoundBed.

Firmware is the software running on the SoundBed itself that controls its functionality.

Having the latest firmware update is crucial because it often includes performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features. The latest firmware update can be checked via the OPUS Connect App under Settings -> SoundBed. Make sure your SoundBed is connected to check the latest update. If there is an update available, you will be notified in the SoundBed page of the app. Tap the update button to install - this will take 2-3 mins during which your SoundBed will not be available for use. MAKE SURE not to unplug your SoundBed or power off your device while the update is in progress.