Something Is Wrong with The Text on My OPUS Connect App

Christopher Schenk
Christopher Schenk
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Some customers have run into an issue where the text displayed on their OPUS Connect app looks strangely misconfigured and warped making it difficult to use the app smoothly.




This is a very simple issue to resolve and is a direct result of the text size accessibility setting on iPhone and other iOS devices.

On your iOS device simply navigate to: Settings -> Accessibility -> Display & Text Size

Then tap "Larger Text", then tap to disable "Larger Accessibility Sizes"


Your OPUS Connect App will now display text properly!


However if you often use larger text for better visibility for other applications you can easily set up a simple widget in iOS control center that makes it fast and easy to adjust the text size on the go.

You can customize Control Center by adding more controls and shortcuts to many apps, such as Calculator, Notes, Voice Memos, and more.

  1. Go to Settings  -> Control Center.

  2. Scroll down until you find the option called "Text Size", tap the Insert button next to it.

  3. Now you can change your text size from control center with ease, simply swipe down from the top right of your screen to reveal control center and tap the text size option "AA" to drag the text size up or down just like you would with the flashlight.



A viola!


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